The 5 Principles of Aloha ʻĀina Party 

1.  We recognize the Divine:  Full recognition of the Divine includes treating others in the same way that you would have treated the Divine Creator.  If you recognize the Divine, you also recognize that there is Divinity in all that was created by the Divine.

2.  Aloha with Equality: We share our aloha with all people of Hawaiʻi.  This also means that although we seek to address the injustices done to our country, we do recognize the Divine as well as the fact that none of the bad guys who did that are alive today.  Therefore, we will not display the ignorant rhetoric that has nothing to do with the people today. We also do not discriminate against a person because of their relation to another person that we may or may not like.  We aloha all humans from every color, shape, background, belief system and unique qualities.

3.  Mālama ia ʻĀina:  To put it into English for understanding,  as righteous stewards of the land, we take care of that which feeds us.  Remember that just about everything in the world starts with a plant base and is altered from there, including degenerative man-made products.  We understand that over-development led to a lack of trees [which bring rain].  We understand that pollution of water is what causes a plethora of other problems.  We also recognize that water diversions used for corporate profits cause drought conditions in places that the Divine Creator intended to have water.  

4.    Government Accountability:  For a very long time, people thought that the government told the truth and that as a single person, we could not make a difference.  After watching generations of our kūpuna [elders] die in vain, waiting for the government to do something right,  todayʻs generations are no longer putting up with it.  We demand accountability and transparency where it is necessary and where it pertains to all things life. Since this demand started, we have seen less than stellar performance, which is what leads each of us to run for office.  

5.  We advocate for Hoʻoponopono, to make things right and to bring balance to our realities, that people may thrive, not just survive.

We hope that the people will realize that voting the same people in office will continue the unsatisfactory conditions in which Hawaiʻi Nei has been governed for a long time.  We also hope that people will take advantage of all of the voter resources that are now available publicly, and do what Moʻī Wahine Liliʻuokalani said:  


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